Elektricen grejac za kotel Screw plug immersion heaters M77x200



Screw-in tubular heaters are electro-thermal sets equipped with threaded plugs to heat up liquids.
Power applications range from 2000 W to 35000 W.

Standard applications include the heating of recycled water for sanitary services, chlorinated water, demineralized water, fuel oil, mineral oil on the basis of the specific load. Pipes are made of the following materials: AISI 321, INCOLOY-800, INCOLOY-825, MILD STEEL, NICKEL-PLATED COPPER. Plugs are made of brass and steel AISI 304. These are equipped with a high temperature-resistant gasket and with pre-wired connections (triangle or star type). Electrical connection on threaded rod M6. All materials comply with RoHS European Directive. Available diameters of heating pipes: Ø 16 and 12.5.

All plugs are threaded on the connections side where the electrical connection housing is installed. The housing is made of aluminium, protection level IP 55, with or without adjustment or safety thermostat.


  • Pins AISI 304L ø 16
  • 3 Ph
  • Brazed pin on plug
  • Brass plug M77x2
  • Ideal for sanitary and recycled water heating


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