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Medium Voltage Process Heaters 
Electrolux DirectConnect Process Heaters utilizing medium voltage technology drastically reduce installation, operation, and maintenance costs for large process heating demands. Medium voltage systems are engineered to provide precise process temperature control and are designed to operate for many years in service at voltages up to 7200 V. As with traditional low voltage systems, DirectConnect immersion and circulation heaters can be adapted to suit virtually any liquid or gas application.

Common applications include crude oil, natural gas, steam, heat transfer oil, hydraulic fluid, acidic solutions, potable and clean water, glycol solutions, hydrocarbons, industrial gases, hydrogen, oxygen, and superheated air. However, Electrolux has heated thousands and thousands of unique mixtures, solutions, and gas compositions over the years. Nobody has more experience.

Electrolux Technology
Over a century of product development and application experience are delivered in each product we manufacture. Electrolux in-house engineering and fabrication capability allows for an endless possibility of design. DirectConnect medium voltage heating technology is the culmination of our history. Our design innovations, testing, and independent certifications ensure unmatched quality of design with every unit. Electric heating provides the best option for process heating because of its overall efficiency, zero emissions, precise temperature control, and ability to supply exactly what is demanded by the process. Now, these advantages can be leveraged into much larger process heating demands due to the DirectConnect medium voltage technology.

Unique Features
Here are some unique features and advantages of the Electrolux DirectConnect MV technology: 

  • The only Medium Voltage heating element with third party certification (ETL File # 101361500DAL-001)
  • The only Medium Voltage SCR control panel with third party certification (UL 347C)
  • The only Medium Voltage heating element that can pass an individual 11,360V dielectric withstand test
  • Patent pending SCR panel design with heater soft start algorithm and automatic in-situ dry-out switching capability
  • The only Medium Voltage single-end tubular element with isolated terminal design
  • Individually replaceable individual Medium Voltage heating elements
  • Control panel designed for a minimum short circuit current rating of 50kA
  • Separate low voltage enclosure including HMI and PLC control center
  • Safety interlock systems utilized in heater and control panel to ensure safe and secured operation
  • Full SCR, vacuum contactor, or SCR/Contactor hybrid designs available


Electrolux Capabilities

• In-house element manufacturing allows the most efficient, space-saving design possible.
• All welding, pressure testing, and certification are performed in accordance with ASME and international standards. 
• Electrolux power control can be fully integrated and skid-mounted with the heater for a complete package.
• Engineering design tools include 3D AutoCad, Solid Works, and PV Elite, among others.
• The only third-party certified manufacture in the world of medium voltage metal sheathed heating elements


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