Solid State Relays inverter



Solid State Relays offer extremely fast switching and are ideal for all sorts of heating applications. With a variety of coil options, amperages, and mounting packages, SSR’s are extremely versatile and allow for the tightest control possible. When properly used, a Solid State Relay (SSR) provides a high degree of reliability, long life and reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI), together with fast response and high vibration resistance, as compared to an electromechanical relay (EMR). An SSR offers all the inherent advantages of solid state circuitry, including consistency of operation and a typically longer usable lifetime. This is possible because the SSR has no moving parts to wear out or arcing contacts to deteriorate, which are primary causes of failure of an electromechanical relay. When properly applied, an SSR will have a normal life expectancy of many millions of operations, 10–1000 times more than most electro-mechanical relays. SSRs also have environmental advantages compared to mercury contactors.


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