Thick film electric plocest heating elements



We supply thick film heating elements developed to project specifications for: applications for domestic heating, aesthetics equipment, professional coffee-making machines.

Thick film heaters are made of layers of resistive conductive paste on a flat insulating substrate in polyester. They can be integrated with additional elements such as PTC and NTC sensors.

Used to achieve high ohmic values, they feature limited power delivered mainly in the lower temperature zones, thereby providing optimized consumption.

We customize resistance properties, TCR, TCE and thick film adhesion according to customers’ requirements.

Thick film heating elements do not require thermostat control; they are self-regulating due to the PTC effect, which rapidly limits power once the threshold temperature is exceeded.

As these elements are compact they are suitable for applications in small spaces. They have low thermal capacity and their reduced mass ensures rapid heating, improved temperature control and lower energy consumption. They can be used as structural elements for applications thereby limiting volumes and costs.




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